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Therapy and Contact

I graduated from the Minster Centre Integrative Psychodynamic training (London) in 2000. Since then my work has centred on the perspectives of psychodynamic approaches, especially around attachment theory; the engagement ‘here and now’ through approaches such as Gestalt and bodywork and the transpersonal elements especially from a post-Jungian perspective. From that time I have continued to maintain a regular practice, presently in Belgravia, Central London. However, since the pandemic struck in 2020 I have also been working online and via telephone, which I continue to do. After 25 years working as a therapist I hold that the most important aspect of the work is to create a safe and confidential space where you can explore whatever issues you need to raise in order to better realise your enormous potential as a human being.  Therefore, to begin, I would want you to offer your own hopes and expectations for therapy. Taking that as a basis I would aim to work with you concentrating on the past – how you reached the place you are in today; the present – how can you work with the conditions in which you find yourself today and the future – what might you realise from your infinite potential as a human being. Areas I currently help with include: addictions, abuse, anxiety, bereavement, depression, sexuality, spirituality, mental health issues, relationships, family, cultural issues. Please feel free to contact me on:

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